My Girl Jack

My Girl Jack

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Picnic in the Park

Yesterday I had a picnic in the Dinosaur Park, across from the flight line. We had so much fun with Mommy's friend and her kids. I also made a new friend that lives right near us. I was really hot in my t-shirt and jeans. Poor Hannah walked into someone swinging and ate the dirt.

Last night on the phone with Aunt Melissa and Cousin Casey we made people in our family into Harry Potter characters. I'm Hermione, Hannah is Dobby, Mommy is Professor Mcgonagall, Daddy is Harry, Cousin Casey is Ron Weasley, Uncle David is Dumbledore, Nana is Mrs. Weasley, Gramps is Hagrid, Uncle Adam is Serious, Aunt Michaelene Professor Trelawney, Henry is we can't decide.

Today we walked 2 miles around our neighborhood, and had a picnic lunch on the patio.


  1. I think that I want to be either Hermione's mom or Harry's mom. Both love their kids a ton.

    If they had a character that was an aunt who loved her nieces a ton, I'd definately want to be that!

  2. The last post was from me. I changed my name to be "Aunt M", now. Next time we're talking on the phone, I can explain how I got the nickname "Xo".


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