My Girl Jack

My Girl Jack

Friday, January 29, 2010


When Mr. Roger, Miss. Gina, Clhara, Lily, Ms. Melissa, Brandon, and Taylor were at our house last week we had dinner and played together. Before we had dinner Mr. Roger taught me how to tie some knots. These are the ones I remember: granny, overhead, and square. The ones I don’t remember how to do are: figure 8, slip, and loop. After dinner Mr. Roger tied us up and untied us. Then I asked him if we could tie him up. He said yes. He lay down on his stomach. While I tied his hands together behind his back Hannah and Lily were jumping on his back and head with tennis shoes on. Then I tied his feet together. With the extra rope I tied his feet and hands together using a square knot. Then I used overhead knots on each side to keep them from coming undone. Once he was all tied up all the kids started jumping on him except for me.

A couple days later we went to town. We cut through Pope Air force Base. As we were driving around the flight line a plane was landing. It so low it looked like it was going to land on us.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fantastic Friday

I only had to do math and spelling today but only got to math . WOO HOOO!!! We spent the afternoon with friends. I got to play with Brandon's robot. When you turned it on it danced and had red eyes. Tonight, mommy took me to see taekwondo. They were jumping on mini trampolines. If I could jump on the mini tramp I would leap off and run and punch the blue mummies to the ground.

Taekwondo was a bit similar to karate. Both karate and taekwondo have sparing. They are also both martial arts, where you get to kick and punch. I think Hannah would be really good at taekwondo. Mommy might sign her up. Hannah would be best at the sparring.

We are going to have a good weekend. Hugs and kisses Daddy!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Picnic in the Park

Yesterday I had a picnic in the Dinosaur Park, across from the flight line. We had so much fun with Mommy's friend and her kids. I also made a new friend that lives right near us. I was really hot in my t-shirt and jeans. Poor Hannah walked into someone swinging and ate the dirt.

Last night on the phone with Aunt Melissa and Cousin Casey we made people in our family into Harry Potter characters. I'm Hermione, Hannah is Dobby, Mommy is Professor Mcgonagall, Daddy is Harry, Cousin Casey is Ron Weasley, Uncle David is Dumbledore, Nana is Mrs. Weasley, Gramps is Hagrid, Uncle Adam is Serious, Aunt Michaelene Professor Trelawney, Henry is we can't decide.

Today we walked 2 miles around our neighborhood, and had a picnic lunch on the patio.